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Commitment Ceremonies

Commitment ceremonies celebrate the joy of love in a very personal and individual way.

When legalities do not permit marriage, a unique and beautifully constructed ceremony acknowledges publicly a commitment for a lifetime partnership that is meaningful and representative of the couples dreams and aspirations.

Your commitment ceremony should reflect your love for each other in the most special and individual way.

As a civil celebrant, I commit myself to ensuring your day is one to be remembered in the presence of your family and friends, with compassion and tailored to reflect your personalities and to create,
your ‘own love story’.


You can also apply to NSW Births, Deaths and Marriages website for information and application forms for your relationship to be registered in many states in Australia as a same sex couple.

Couples in registered relationships will be recognised as ‘de facto partners’ for the purposes of most legislation in NSW.

Funerals & Memorials

The death of a loved one is a moving and emotional experience and the funeral service is the moment to celebrant the life with close friends and family. Goodbyes are never easy but if we acknowledge the life in a truly memorable ceremony, we commemorate our loved one, celebrate their lives and mourn their passing.

It is important for healing and the grieving process that the ceremony is conducted with a compassionate approach and in harmony with the deceased’s personality. I speak from experience having performed my own father’s funeral service.

A funeral is a farewell and extremely moving for family and friends. Funerals however can also be creative and inspirational, many celebrate with colour and humour depending on the wishes of the loved one.

Creating a ceremony offering comfort at a very sensitive time, acknowledging the essence and personality of the loved one, honours the passing of a life with dignity and respect.

Vow Renewals

How romantic and meaningful to renew your vows and celebrate the love and joy of your married life. Complete this picture with family and friends that have been on life’s events with you.

There are many reasons couples decide to renew their vows and all very personal and unique. Reaching particular milestones in your life is a way of celebrating a marriage.

Maybe the couple were unable to afford a wedding celebration, were ill or had a traumatic time.

Whatever the reason, renewing of wedding vows, declaring your love for each other in a meaningful and personal way is truly a milestone.

Naming Ceremonies

Naming Ceremonies are a wonderful way to welcome and express the unique and individual personality of our children. An occasion to celebrate with joy and love, the arrival of a new soul into the world or perhaps the adoption of a child into a new family.
A naming ceremony allows for individuality and encompasses the family’s values. The appointment of Godparents or Guardians acknowledges the responsibility in bringing up a child and pledges a lifetime promise to protect and nurture for those wonderful years ahead.
Naming days are a happy occasion regardless of the children’s ages. Sometimes the ceremony is in recognition of a boy entering manhood or a girl into womanhood. Namings honour the importance in life of such milestones.
Children represent love and a ceremony that reflects this trait can be a memorable and everlasting experience. Babies are indeed blessings.
A Naming Ceremony is an open stage to create, symbolise and honour new life.

gold-wedding-bands-2 (Small)

An anniversary is described as a date, in the past,  that commemorates or celebrates something special and worth remembering.

Whatever the occasion, the mind always relives that moment, sad or happy, as if it was yesterday.

Bring that anniversary to life with a crafted ceremony that will symbolize the importance and emotions  of that event.

Life Milestone

A life changing event marks an important cycle in one’s life,  and these moments are for sharing with friends and family.  They can be moments in time of grief or difficult times that just require support.

What ever the occasion , a ceremony formalises the event.

Such events can be:

  • New beginnings
  • House blessings
  • Animal companion loss
  • Birthdays
  • Graduation
  • Retirement
  • Adoption
  • Medical crisis
  • Divorce

As a celebrant, I endeavour to create your personal story and journey in a unique ceremony that reflects your important chapter in life.


Rituals within a Ceremony

  • Butterfly release
  • Ring warming
  • Hand fasting
  • Candle
  • Sand blending
  • Dove release
  • Breaking the Glass
  • Jumping the Broom
  • Circle of Love
  • And on, and on, and on…


  • Reception house
  • Gardens
  • Beaches
  • Private homes
  • Hot air balloon
  • Aircraft
  • Boats
  • Bridges
  • And on, and on, and on…

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