Elizabeth Davis Marriage Celebrant | About
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Elizabeth Davis



Thank you for visiting my website and I sincerely hope that we meet.


If you are about to be married, my congratulations – it is a very exciting time.


It’s probably the moment you both say, what do we do next? With so many considerations; flowers, venues, cars, photographers, the celebrant is often the last on the list. But consider, without the celebrant there is no wedding.


With over 89,000 celebrants Australia wide, according to the last Bureau of Statistics data, it can be a most daunting task. May I begin by assuring you that all Civil Marriage Celebrants are professionally trained people and each year, complete Ongoing Professional Development programs as set by the Attorney Generals Department.


So how do you choose? It’s not always the cheapest nor the most expensive that is the guide. In my opinion and experience it’s those celebrants who express compassion, interest, caring, being creative, willing to assist and take seriously the importance of your wedding day. Without these qualities, regardless of the years as a celebrant, you may not experience the wedding day you dreamed.


Your wedding day is the day you want to remember for the rest of your life. Filled with love, joy and precious moments. Your celebrant should be motivated to create a presentation that matches both your personalities and style and ensures your days with family and friends is unforgettable.


I am a full time celebrant with over 10 years experience, a qualified Justice of the Peace, a member of the Association of Authorised Marriage Celebrants Inc and Toastmasters International. My 30 years as a business owner has provided me with enormous experience in marketing, sales, customer relations and managing staff and I have always enjoyed the interaction with my clients.


The day I was appointed a Civil Marriage Celebrant was indeed a special moment in my life. I am inspired by my profession as a celebrant and I love the challenges and opportunity of being trusted with the most previous moments in people’s lives.


All ceremonies need to be unique and a reflection of who you are, creating a tapestry with heartfelt moments to carry forever. I am passionate, personal and professional. I love the challenge of creating a beautiful, romantic and exceptional service. It would be my absolute pleasure to meet with you and discuss YOUR plans for YOUR WEDDING DAY.

Wait no more. Plan your dream wedding.